Festival Recap and A Look Ahead to 2012!

We had a good show last year, and even with all the heat we had, we did well.We
had a lot of new faces, and it was good to see old friends. The show this year
is just about all booked, and we have some real good bands coming. Coming to
Danby next year, will be Remington Ryde, what a great band, and what a show they
put on. Acoustic Blue is coming back, because that is what you wanted, with the
show they put on last year, I can see why. Then we have Smokey Greene, he is
feeling better, and he wants to do the Saturday show for us, so he will. New
this year, will be Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters. If you haven’t heard them,
you are in for a treat, with Roger Williams on the Dobro, and doing harmony, it
is just awesome. Now for you who like old country, we have Cannon Ball Express,
coming back. They did a terrific job last year, and I don’t think there’s a
country song that they don’t know. There are a few more we are working with,
that will bring some good old country& bluegrass to you. We are a small
festival, and we are growing, we do our own cooking, and we have a lot of fun.
We want you to be a part of it.   ~ TJ