Hey Everyone, h…

Hey Everyone, hunting season is winding down, and it’s time to do a little bluegrass business. In case anyone is interested, I was lucky and got one. Finally the show is all booked, and it is a good one. As you all know, we are billed as old country and bluegrass, and this year I think we have some of the best. For you folks that like old time country, we have The Bluebillies, Cannon Ball Express, Vintage Country, and of course the local boys from Danby, The Better Than Nothing Band. We also have local favorites from VT. & NH. Bondville Boys,and Cardigan Mt. Tradition, plus Wildwood Band.
We also have the GREAT Smokey Greene coming this year, you asked for Acoustic Blue to come back, and they are. I have a great addition to our show this year in the form of Remington Ryde, they sing some great bluegrass, and put on one hell of a show. New this year will be Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters, featuring Roger Williams. They can sing you some of the best old time country & bluegrass, the harmonies are awesome. We also have a group of good old boys from northern VT. who play some good old traditional bluegrass, and do a real good job, they are Bluegrass Revisited. Our MC is Don Sprague, and the sound is by Green MT. Sound, Pete & Cora Bolster.
This year you will be able to get in on Sat. July 21. It is 50 dollars for the weekend, plus 10 dollars early bird. If you have been here before you know the spots you want, and if you haven’t come early and get your self a good one. I noticed that more people stayed for the week last year, and had a good time. It will be 15 dollars for Thursday night, and we start the music at 5pm. Friday & Saturday will be 25 dollars, 15 after 5pm. Music starts at 10am each day. I do believe they will have a spaghetti supper  about 5:30 on Sat. night. As much as I like to hunt, when I get thinking of bluegrass and the festivals, all the friends and good company, the field picking, the laughs, the memories, it makes me want to grab my old Martin and head for the first festival I can. Looking forward to seeing you there, TJ. The Danby Guy.

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