Good Musical Winter


Well it hasn’t been much of a winter, especially if you’re a avid snowmobiler like me, not only do I ride a lot, but I do a lot of grooming for our club, but not this year. This brown winter had it’s good points, for a country boy like me, and I’ve been excited, with all the warm weather we have had, and with the spring marching on, the green grass will be turning blue, before we know it. This winter I have made all the picking party’s in Weston, and enjoyed them all, where do you get to hear some great music, and share the day with friends. Thanks Candi & Seth, you guys are special, and I think there might be one left for April.

Also another thing that kept me fired up this winter, I got to go to most of the ABL shows, and picking party’s. I have been a member, but was always doing snowmobile stuff, didn’t know what I was missing. They do a GREAT job over there, and it would be worth your wild to join, and see some terrific shows, like Remington Ryde, whom I saw there 2 weeks ago, what a show they put on. Keep up the good work ABL, you made my winter.( Remington Ryde will be in Danby this year, you don’t want to miss them ) It seems like every week this winter, there was a show or something to do, that concerned our type of music, and just last Sunday, I went to Forrest dale to see the Spinney Brothers, what a fabulous show they put on, great job Linda for having them there, my feet are still tapping.

Well as you can see, I’ve had a good musical winter, and I’m exited about what’s headed our way, THE FESTIVAL SEASON!!  Just the other day I was at Powers Field, and the grass is already green, I could actually see the RV’S and hear the people, HOWDY LYNN, see you came early and got your spot. I will be going for the first time to the ABL roundup at the beginning of June, and here we go. Then for me, it will be up to Belivedere, VT. to see my friend Neil Brown, and catch his fabulous show, you do a good job Neil. Right after that I will be headed for Jenny Brook at Tunbridge, VT. Now I don’t have to tell you what you will miss if you’re not at this one. Candi & Seth are bringing the best talent to VT. for us to see, and for guys like me, that won’t go to Nashville or Branson, you don’t want to miss this one.

It seems like I won’t even catch my breath, and it will be off to the Basin Bluegrass Festival in Brandon. You will defiantly meet up with old & new friends, and the field picking, well it just goes on, non stop. Linda has some great talent coming this year, and I understand there is a new group coming that is just awesome, so you don’t want to miss that one. And if you see a little gal running around at full speed, THAT’S LINDA, she never stops, say HI if you can.

God, I no more than say goodbye to Linda, and here we are at Danby, and as usual, we keep the OLD COUNTRY in with the BLUEGRASS. We have a good line up this year, and you can find it on our new web, which Candi created for me. thanks again! We are not a big festival, but we are very family friendly, lots of field picking, real good shows, and great eats. Next it’s on to UPPER HUDSON, I haven’t talked to Rusty lately, but he always has a good show, with great talent, and I always have a good time there, you can’t go wrong.  Now do think I’m exited, well I am, and I just wanted to share it with you. I don’t like to wish my life away, but I can’t wait to see you all at the festivals, and if you don’t know me, just look for the short little fat guy, with the gray handlebar mustach, also known as the DANBY GUY, see you all this summer, TJ.