Update from the Danby Guy

Hi Everyone,

I know the leaves are turning, but there is still a lot of music left in the hills before the snow flies. Myself, I find I’m thinking about big bucks, instead of bluegrass runs, but I know it won’t last long. I thought I’d let you all know who is coming to the Danby show next year. The line up is not complete, but almost. Coming back by popular request are Remington Ryde, Amy Gallatin, and Stillwaters, Cannonball Express, Smokey Greene. New this year will be the Seth Sawyer Band. They are a talented group, and Seth is a very good song writer, and he is a man with a BLUEGRASS VOICE, they will add a lot to our show. We also have The Corey Zink Band coming, and I have had so many e-mails, asking if they were coming, and yes they are!! We also have ” Just Passin Thru” they do some real good old country, and bluegrass, and put on a good show.

I’m negotiating with several more bands, and when I get them booked, I will let you know. We will have a good festival at Danby this year, and as always, it is you that make it that way. I find that with all the good music that we have around, that it makes the winter go faster. I hope to catch you at some of the venues this winter, so for now, take care, TJ. the Danby Guy.


2 comments on “Update from the Danby Guy

  1. Lorraine Burdo says:

    Great line-up. So happy to see Corey Zink and Cannonball Express and of course Seth and Candi Sawyer. God willing Lew & I will be there.

  2. Nancy says:

    We had a good time last year but missed the jamming after 10:00pm. We missed the young fellows that played all night. It’s wonderful to see the young kids carrying the tradition of Blue Grass. I know I was not the only person that missed them.. You all work so hard in creating a wonderful show and I appreciate all the HARD work that is put into creating such a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to another GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

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