January 2nd, 2014

Hey Everyone, yep it’s a new year, and as I sit here today trying to write this, it is snowing very hard, not much like the warm festival days, WHICH WILL BE HERE BEFORE U KNOW IT!! I have been doing bluegrass fliers, and all my bands are now booked, I don’t know where the time goes, and I know I haven’t wrote in a while.  I got to tell ya all, that we have a pretty good show coming in July, if it’s the old country U like, we got it, with Don Bishop, and the Mountaineers, and Cannonball Express, not to say that Seth Sawyer, or Corey Zink, or Beartracks, couldn’t throw some in, cause they can.

We also have the Great Smokey Greene coming back, he is a legend, and you don’t want to miss him. The new Beartracks band, which was formed last year, right at our festival, and what a show they put on, will be here, and coming back by popular demand, is Seth Sawyer Band, and ya want to hear a bluegrass voice, come listen to his. New this year will be Bob Amos, and Catamount Crossing, they are from up St. Johnsbury way, but Bob has played for years, and played with the band Front Range, he is very talented, he’ll put on one hell of a show for you!  Also new this year is Chad Darou, and Stealing time from out western new york way, and speaking of multi talented people, well Chad is it, I don’t think there’s anything that man can’t play, and he plays it good!! I just heard a clip from one of his shows, and believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Now, Corey I haven’t forgotten you, as Zink and Company will be coming again, BUT they will be there on Thursday night, and Friday, Corey really wanted to play for our festival, and for all you fans, he has been with us since the second year of the festival, don’t know what we would do without him, his band with Larry and John, are so much fun, and just down right GOOD PEOPLE!!  We have the Just Passin’ Thru Band, they will open, and do one on Sat, they will be your host band, they also do a combination of old country and bluegrass, also new this year will be Northern Ridge Band, out of NH, and if you want to see them go to Candi’s picking party in Weston on Jan 11th, they will be one of the show case bands there.
Now if you think there’s nothing to do in the winter, and you want good music, come out to Candi’s Weston picking parties, I do believe on the second Sat of the month, and you have the ABL shows, at the ends of the months, they have very good bands, and there is the Assoc. of Country Western Players, that hold their open mic’s on the last weekend of the month, get a hold of Don Bishop, and he will tell ya all about it. Now there is a new place in Chittenden, VT, called Dorr’s Gathern Barn, they go every other Sat, it is open mic, and you’ll have a very good time there, alcohol free, so there is something going on every weekend, oh I forgot that Jerry Devino has a open mic, at the Brandon Legion, every 2nd Sunday, so no excuses, get out there and listen, or bring your instruments, and get with it, nothing like our kind of music to put you in a good mood.
I’ll be looking forward to seeing ya all, at the picking parties, come up and say HI, wishing you all a very Happy New Year, see ya there, tj.