JULY 28, 2014

Hi Everyone,

It might be raining right now, BUT, it is sunny and bright for me. It’s not too often that old TJ is at a loss for words, BUT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANKS YOU ONE AND ALL, for making this the biggest, and best festival we ever had. I thank all our old friends who have supported us through the years, and for the many first timers who came this year, it is always nice and warms my heart to meet new friends. I thank you all for the positive comments, they will help our festival grow, thank you!!

Bob Amos told me that he has never seen such a responsive audience, and it made him feel so good. I thank you all again, and I want to tell you all that you put a smile on Candi Sawyer’s face, as she is so glad to see us grow, she is a true friend, and what a great mentor she has been for me, thank you Candi!

I can’t even tell you about the unsung heroes, they are all behind the scenes, but if it weren’t for them, we couldn’t do it. I want to thank the Powers Family for what they do, and for the use of their land. I want to thank Tonya, who with the help of her girls and guys, runs a top shelf cook shack, and that isn’t an easy chore. I want to thank Brenda for doing the facebook page for us, and for all the rest who help, and you know who you are, I thank you one and all!

I want to tell you, to keep your calendars open for July 23, 24, 25th 2015, and come to Danby, looking forward to seeing you all again! I want to tell you, right now we have Beartracks, Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing, Don Bishop & The Mountaineers, your host band, Just Passin Thru, and many more to follow. Well that’s it for now, and thank you one and all for keeping us one the map.

Love you one and all!

The Danby Guy!!