June 3, 2015

​Hey Everyone,

YEP it’s me, the Danby Guy!  Some say I have been in hibernation, but I say I’m just a quiet fellow, well NOT!!  I had a busy winter, lots of snowmobile riding and grooming for me; good way to spend your time if you like the outdoors and the winter <>which i do<>.  I had the privilege to get to some winter shows at Weston that Candi Sawyer puts on, and made a couple at the ABL at Mollie’s Mason Jar, so you see there was music going on all winter.  And I play in the house band at Dorr’s Gathering Barn, so I stayed busy, and I like it that way!!

Now my friends, SPRING HAS SPRUNG AND I’M GETTING A FEVER – a bluegrass festival fever that is!! Some of the festivals have started, but they start for me this weekend at the ABL ROUNDUP.  I’ve got the camper ready to go, and it will be good to see old friends, and share some stories.  Then it gets real busy for me.  I’m going to Jenny Brook Festival, and what a line up Candi has this year, but she does every year, and it’s one of my favorite festivals.  Then on to Basin Bluegrass, where I spend 4 days with my friends, and what a good time we have.  Linda, keep up the good work, much appreciated!!  Now in the in-between time, the Danby Guy will be working on the Danby Festival, and that keeps me busy for sure.  As far as I’m concerned we have an awesome lineup this year.  You asked for several to come back, and I brought them back for you. New this year will be Dave Nichols & Spare Change; they’re not only very good musicians, they put on a very good show, and play through the Northeast all summer.  And oh ya, you might even get Brian to yodel for you; that man can do it!  Dave will raffle off a Blueridge Bristol guitar, complete with a hardcase, to help out the festival. We have Aaron Foster & Destination Blue coming from Tenn.  That’s where they go to school, and these young fellows KNOW HOW TO PLAY BLUEGRASS, so you don’t want to miss them!!  They have so much energy, and I personally am looking forward to hearing them!  What a great addition to the festival!

Thursday night will be a combination of OLD Country and Bluegrass.  The JPT BAND will open; they do some old country, and bluegrass, and they like to get the show jump started!  Don Bishop & The Mountaineers will do some excellent country, and for sure you will want to dance.  Don has a very good voice and knows how to sing that good old country!  Cannonball Express will be next, and I don’t think there is a country song ever written that they don’t know; what crowd pleasers they are. They might look a little different this year, but the music will be the same, AWESOME!!  Now to close out the Thursday night show we are having a SPECIAL TWO HOUR CONCERT, by none other than ZINK & COMPANY!!  Corey has been with us for so long, he is family; what a nice bunch of guys they are.  They have to play in northern Maine over the weekend, but wanted to play for you at Danby, so he is giving you a special concert, as he has to leave on Friday morning right after he opens the show for us<>so thats what I call going the extra mile.  SO DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!

Our festival is billed as old country and bluegrass, so that’s what you get, and I have many POSITIVE RESPONSES about it; seems you like the variety. As for the rest of the weekend, we are having Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing back, and what a performance they did for us last year.  I’m so proud that they are coming back to entertain you; they will close out the show on Friday night, and last year you wouldn’t let them leave! Also coming back is the Seth Sawyer Band.  Now there is a fellow with a bluegrass voice, and when he sings, you will pay attention, plus he has a very talented band, multi talented I might say, and the good looking bass player<> yep it’s Candi; can’t you tell by the smile.  I’m so glad they wanted to come back. A little bird told me that they may have a brand new CD out.  I hope it is ready for Danby; you’ll want one for sure!

Hey, what can I say about Beartracks; yep you asked for them, and they said YES, and I’m so pleased.  What a show they put on, don’t want to miss this one.  They will close out the show on Saturday night, and as you know, they will play as long as you ask them to…WELL they will play for a while anyway.  I do believe they were brought back 4 times last year. Oh ya, we have a little touch of Danby in that band with hometown boy Harry Ralph, Scott Hopkins banjo player extraordinaire, and the brother-sister team of Tom and Julie, who have been playing together for I think maybe over 40 years, long time anyway.  Believe you me, they DON’T DISAPPOINT!!  I’ll guarantee they will get your toes to tappin! (I wonder if Julie has a new pair of boots this year)

Well now, last but not least, THE GREAT SMOKEY GREENE.  Yep this is it for him, as he said for sure this time it is his last farewell. Smokey has had a long and very good career.  I’m sure he has had his ups and downs, but that is how he chose to make his living, and he did well.  Oh so much knowledge, I love talking to him, and he will help you out if you ask.  I know he has given me some advice, and he was right. Smokey was born and raised right here around the Tinmouth-Danby area, and he likes it here.  So you don’t want to miss this show; you will get to see a real LEGEND, performing live, right here in beautiful downtown Danby.

Well folks, what do you think?  We might be a small festival, but we have some of the best talent around, and they will be playing for you on July 23rd, 24th, and 25th this year.  We have our own cookshack, and the food is very good, if I do say so myself.  We try to accommodate everyone and the prices don’t hurt too bad. Tonya has a very good menu to choose from and you won’t be disappointed.

I have always said you meet the nicest people at a bluegrass festival, and I love you one and all, ‘CAUSE if it wasn’t for you folks, there wouldn’t be a Danby Festival.  So if I don’t catch ya at the other festivals, SEE YOU ALL IN JULY!!


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