July 29, 2015

Good Morning Festival Goers!!

Well, it isn’t too often that the Danby Guy is lost for words.  I have a lot to say but I’ll keep it short for now.  All I want to say is my head is still spinning!  It was our best festival ever and I want to thank each and every one of you who came and supported us.  Without you, we have nothing.  I still can’t get over the Saturday night show and the surprise you played on me.  When I looked out all I saw was a million fireflies!  When you all came to the stage, that was just awesome!  And we kind of played one on Tom Venne.  Well, it brought a tear to my eyes, so THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!

Now, my show couldn’t run the way it did without my Emcee, Don Sprague.  Thanks Don for keeping us right on time, telling the stories, and joining in on the stage fun.  You’re the best; much appreciated.  Pete and Cora Bolster, your sound was great and you did a real good job.  It’s a hard job but you have got it down; thank you.  I want to thank Pete and Mary Powers for letting us use their land.  You are great and also great friends to me; THANK YOU.  I want to thank Tonya Powers for running the cookshack.  She is amazing, coming up with great menus and keeping the prices down as much as she can.  It’s hot in there but she and all her help don’t complain.  So thank you cookshack guys and gals.

I want to thank Dave Powers for laying out the field and Cher Powers for running the ticket booth and meeting & greeting all the festival goers.  Long hours; you are much appreciated.  Thank you both!!  I want to thank Walt Teer for all he does for our club; not an easy job.  Thanks Jill Teer and your gals for selling all the 50/50’s; you are amazing.  Thank you Clayt Morris for the great shuttle service you provided for us this year and thank you to Brown Enterprises Inc for providing the vehicle. Thanks Adam Louden for putting the new addition on the cookshack for us and Jim Gill who helped on the new fences by the stage.  Thank you to my son, Jon Jesmonth of Accura Printing, for designing and printing our festival booklets; fantastic job and much appreciated!  Thank you to all of the local business who helped sponsor our festival; your financial support helps us keep the festival going.

I want to thank all the bands who played this year.  You all were great and contributed to our great success.  A big thank you to Dave Nichols for providing the Blueridge Bristol guitar and hardcase, and donating every penny of the raffle proceeds to the festival; these funds are a tremendous help to our festival!  Thank you to Nadine Nichols for all the miles she walked to take nearly 700 festival photos.  We are thrilled to have the photos; thank you so much!  I want to thank Brenda Vitek for doing all the website and social media work for us, and I want to thank my wife Cathy for putting up with me.  I probably left someone out and, if I did, I’m sorry; my head is still spinning.  Every one of you should be proud of what we accomplished this year!

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m already planning next year’s show, so stay tuned.  THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!

Danby Guy

(photo by Nadine Nichols)


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