October 15, 2015


I’m a poet and didn’t know it! Well, if you have been wondering what the Danby Guy has been up to…not too much. I’m getting the last of the bluegrass festivals done, a few darn good picking parties I was invited to this fall, and OH YAH…getting the Danby Festival ready for next year. Now, just ‘cause winter will be upon us, the local music doesn’t quit. You have the Adirondack Bluegrass League shows in Porter Corners, NY…you have Candi’s winter shows in Westminster, VT…there’s Dorr’s Gathering Barn in Chittenden, VT…and the Northeast Association of Country Western Entertainers at various locations in NY. So, the music will continue ‘til the spring flowers start to bloom again and the festivals start.

Well, next year will be our 10th and I’m already excited! All you people made it possible and the turnout this year was SIMPLY AMAZING! THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!! Where do I start? I’ve had a lot of fans tell me they like what I do at the Danby festival, keeping in the OLD country music, and ya’s wanted some more of it. Well, you’ve got it! On Thursday night, you’ll be seeing Corey Zink in a different form. No, he is the same old guy we all know and love, but next year he’ll be bringing his country band to Danby. So, you will see Corey Zink & County Line perform a special 3-hour show for you, from 7-10pm on our opening night. Now how’s that?! Corey likes us here and wants to give the country fans some good old country. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!

I’ve got to tell you that with all the positives I’ve had this year, we will be starting earlier on Thursday, so there will be more music for ya next year!! The host band, Just Passin’ Thru, will open for you at noon on Thursday, July 21st. Now they are a fun-loving group, with lots of smiles, and lots of energy. They do a great job with some old country and traditional bluegrass, played to their style! Next year I have a few new bands for you and one of them is the LeBlanc Family from Maine. Now here is a very lively group with a lot of energy. Don LeBlanc is probably one of the better fiddlers around New England. They play bluegrass and country…and if you want to hear a French song, Linda LeBlanc will do them for you. Plus you just might get a little bit of Cajun in there. Anyway, I betcha your toes will be tappin’ when they get to going!!

Now Thursday won’t be all country. We have Dave Nichols & Spare Change coming back again. They will do you a mixture of tunes. Their standards are great, the harmony awesome, and Brian Jiguere’s yodeling – ya just can’t beat it. Dave and Nadine go out of their way to keep our kind of music going strong. You just wouldn’t believe what they do to keep it going, with the guitar raffle, and Nadine taking all the pictures; they go the extra mile! They will be there on Friday and Saturday, too.

Now it’s time to throw in a little bluegrass. We have Troy Boone, Aaron Foster and Dreamcatcher coming back. These young fellows from Johnson City, TN know how to play bluegrass and they play it well. Their picking is mind-boggling and they just do it with ease! And Troy is one hell of a songwriter.  They will also be there on Friday and Saturday. So there’s something for everyone this year!!

Well, what can I say about Beartracks – OH YEAH, they are coming back! And Tom, my friend, how are you going to beat the show that you, Julie, and Harry put on for us this year?? You’ve sure got your work cut out for you and I know it will be awesome! I’ve never seen so much energy – the place was just electric! Nobody was sitting down, all were dancing around arm-in-arm, they just wouldn’t let them leave. You’ve got to be there to know what I’m talking about. They’ll be on stage Friday and Saturday – don’t miss them!!

Hey, we have another new one coming to Danby next year. Yep, the Feinberg Brothers are coming.  When I first saw them at Jenny Brook Festival, I thought they were just awesome. I love the way they do the old Jimmy Martin stuff.  What harmony and they are very talented musicians. Oh, how they compliment each other with their singing, twin fiddles, and song selection. They have a great band behind them with father Ron. You don’t want to miss this one – I know I won’t!!

The festival is starting to grow and I have so many bands that want to play, it makes it hard to choose.  But when people tell me who they want to come back, it makes it a lot easier. That’s why you will get another dose of the Seth Sawyer Band. What can I say – when you hear Seth sing, you know instantly who it is. What a voice and it doesn’t matter if it’s country, which he can do in Danby, or good old bluegrass, they have it going on for them. What a great band he has – his wife, Candi, the good-looking one of the bunch, plays standup bass and sings a great song herself. And you add in the two Daves, both multi-talented fellows who can sing some real good harmony, and you have the Seth Sawyer Band!!

Speaking of the two Daves – Dave Shaw and Dave Orlomoski are going to do two shows for us next year as Bear Minimum. These two guys have been friends for years, and they bring their own style to their music. Their new CD is awesome, at least I think so, and I want to share with you just what they can do. So be there on Friday and Saturday to see them!!

We’ve got some more good old country for you. Coming back for two shows are Punky and Gloria Zink. Together with the handsome Tom Hammond, they have a new name this year – BORDERLINE. I don’t think there’s a country song they don’t know. They just love to play and, if you go by their campers, I betcha there will be some jammin’ going on. I don’t think they ever sleep, just play, and all are welcome. DOWNRIGHT GOOD FOLKS for sure!!

Now last but not least, Thursday will be a little more on the country side. I’ve had people ask me whatever happened to the good old country music, the stuff that was done in the 40’s and 50’s, before all the electric stuff we have today. Well, I found you just what you asked for. I found a band that plays the old stuff just the way it’s supposed to be played. So, another new one to Danby next year will be THE WESTERNAIRES. If you’re my age, you can remember it. They played at the Weston Playhouse for Fernan Parker for 15 years, so some of you might have seen them. Phil Fletcher told me that he likes to play it just the way it was written so many years ago. I’ll betcha it will bring back some good old memories for most of you. I know the CD he sent me was just awesome, just good OLD COUNTRY, played the way it should be. The Westernaires will be with us on Thursday afternoon for two shows!

I just thought I’d give you all a little preview of what’s coming to Danby next year. I think I have something for everyone, at least I haven’t had any complaints yet, tough to book everyone. The new flyer will be out very shortly, now that I’m all booked, so you can see it for yourself, and maybe even print off a copy or two to share. The next couple of months will find me in pursuit of the wary whitetail. It’s a good thing my wife Cathy is a good cook ‘cause venison seems to be a rarity at my house. Maybe the old Indian saying is meant for me – Vegetarian: Indian word for poor hunter!

That’s it for now. Hope to see ya all down the trail. We’ll have one hell of a good time in Danby next year!

The Danby Guy

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