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Getting ready…almost done! Gate will open tomorrow morning at 8am! See you soon!!

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2015 Closing Set – part 2

The 2015 closing set by Beartracks sure was one to remember! Many folks simply described it as “magical”. We quite agree! Never, and nowhere before, have we ever seen the level of excitement that filled the audience last year. Beartracks gave us one heck of a stellar performance – and it was appreciated and celebrated by everyone who was there in the field that Saturday night! Check out the video – you just might see yourself in it!

Beartracks is scheduled to close out our festival again this year on Saturday night starting at 9:20pm. Without a doubt, they will give us a performance to remember, as they always do. The only question left is…how will they do it this year?! Come join us and be part of the excitement!!

{Apologies for the sound quality of this video. The music was awesome & loud and the crowd was very lively – the cell phone just couldn’t keep up!}


2015 Closing Set – part 1

WARNING: This video may create a wicked case of bluegrass fever and festivalitis! Of course, the remedy is to come and join in the fun here at the Danby festival, July 21st – July 23rd!!

Raise your hand if you were part of the crowd participation closing by Beartracks last year! Raise both hands if you plan to be with us to see Beartracks close out this year’s show!

This is part 1 of last year’s closing video. Part 2 will be posted soon…stay tuned!

(We apologize for the less than optimal audio on this video. The music was more powerful than my cell phone could handle)


Festival Eats!

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Tonya Powers and her crew work hard in the kitchen…so you don’t have to!  Delicious food, reasonable prices…all beef burgers, handcut fries, homemade pies!  Come and join us, sit back and relax, and let Tonya and the Cookshack crew take care of your festival eats!

Photos courtesy of Nadine Nichols

Danby Cookshack Menu