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JULY 31st 2016


Hey festival goers! It’s been a week since the Danby festival came to a close and the Danby Guy has been on a great big HIGH. At the same time, I’m feeling kind of sad. I’ll try to explain a little. It was amazing, this 10th year, how things came together. I tried to have a little something for everyone. There was nothing but love, good humor, laughing, and very good compliments. This little festival, that was only going to be a Saturday afternoon affair, has blossomed into one of the best festivals around for our size. All you who attend have made it this way with all the caring, and wanting to help, everyone having fun and a good time. That’s why I’m on a very good high!


Now I’ve got to tell you, as last Sunday went by, and the festival was being torn down, this old guy was mighty sad. All the people were gone, just a few campers left in the field but not for long. I was remembering how the first campers came in on the 16th, and friendship filled the air, and happiness was everywhere. Now, WHERE IS EVERYONE? Kind of brought a tear to my eye. Well, that was last Sunday, and now HERE WE GO AGAIN. Danby is open for business! I have our anchor band coming back and you can betcha they will close the show on Saturday night next July…IT’S A DANBY TRADITION!! YEP, BEARTRACKS ARE COMING BACK!! I will take some time to gather my thoughts and then get at it again. I’m excited already! I ask all of you if you have any ideas, any bands you want to bring back, or any new bands you want to hear, email me at, and I’ll see what I can do. It’s a balancing act for me, trying to keep the old country in with the traditional bluegrass, but I like it!!


I’d like to take a few minutes to publicly thank some folks who help to make this festival possible. Some you’ve seen hard at work, others do their part behind the scenes, but each and every one is appreciated for their time and talents!


First, I’d like to thank Pete & Mary Powers for letting us use their land. Powers’ Field is a beautiful location and the perfect setting for a Green Mountains festival.  Without Pete and Mary’s generosity, we wouldn’t have a place to have the festival. By the way, I want to thank all for leaving their land spotless; it has made a huge difference. I want to thank Ron McLure for allowing us to use his land in the field behind the stage. We’ve grown so much that we needed the extra camping space; much appreciated, Ron.


This event is put on by our snowmobile club, the Green Mountain Climbers, and it’s all volunteer. Nobody gets paid; we do it because we like to. There is no one boss; we all have something to do from parking the campers, running the ticket booth, running the cookshack, and the countless numbers of volunteers who help shuttle, bring ice, and just about anything else. Some volunteers, like Bill Vitek and Jim Bevins, aren’t even club members; they help because they enjoy the festival and want to see it continue. Our volunteers are too many to mention and you know who you are. The Danby Guy wants to thank you one and all, from the bottom of my heart, for making the Danby Olde Country & Bluegrass Festival a great big success!


I want to thank my emcee, Don Sprague, for all he has done. He’s been with us from day one and he keeps the show right on schedule. You do one hell of a job, Don, and I’d be lost without you.


I want to thank Pete and Cora Bolster, from Green Mountain Sound, for all the good sound they give us. They have been with us from day one and, in my opinion, they’ve done a hell of a job for us. Thanks, Pete and Cora!


Getting things done and set up isn’t easy but I have a right-hand man in Clayt Morris. Thanks Clayt for doing all the odd jobs. Thank you to Adam Louden for building the new stairs on the front and back of the stage; much appreciated.


Doing a festival is a big undertaking. There are fields to lay out and campers to park; thanks to Dave Powers for a job well done. Thanks to Cher Powers for running the ticket booth. You both put in long hours. I want to thank Walt Teer, our club president, for being there and helping to get the veteran’s sponsorship going. This year we gave to the Friends of Veterans, where 100% of the proceeds goes to vets in VT and NH. You can read about their organization on their website: We raised a little over $1200 for them; thank you to everyone who contributed and made this donation possible! I want to thank Shirley Sprague for the very nice veteran’s booth she decorated with her girls. For every candle sold for the veteran’s fundraiser, the club matched sales dollar for dollar. We sold out and next year we will have more!


One of the hardest jobs we have is the cookshack. It’s hot in there and the gals produce some great food. Thank you to Tonya Powers for all the hard work that she and her crew did. Thanks to Tonya’s husband, Mike Powers, for being there to help get everything running, and getting new stuff in place when the old breaks!


Thank you to Dave Nichols, of Nichols Custom Pearl Inlay, for the Blueridge Bristol guitar he generously donated. All of the proceeds from the guitar raffle are presented to the festival and go a long ways to support us. Dave goes the extra mile to see that these festivals keep going, and that our kind of music stays alive.


Thank you to all of our corporate sponsors; it means a lot to our town and our club. We had 25 new sponsors this year, along with our old friends; thank you all for your interest and support. I would like to thank Jon Jesmonth and the crew at Jet Service Envelope and Accura Printing, for donating all the festival booklets. You are truly professionals and your work shows it. Thank you to Brown Enterprises for donating the big 4-wheeler that Clayt used to shuttle folks. There were also Charlie, Linda, Tim, Kurt, Jerry and several more that donated their golf carts to help.


I want to thank Brenda Vitek for all the work she does on the web and social media. We went international this year, as we had the Oxnard family from England with us. Brenda got us out there and that’s how the folks from England found us. Last, but not least, I want to thank my wife, Cathy Jesmonth, for putting up with me this last year and for all the years. At times, when I’m busy doing this stuff, I’m not too easy to put up with, so thanks HON!!


I hope I didn’t leave anyone out but, as you can see, there are a lot of people involved in the Danby Olde Country & Bluegrass Festival. If I left anyone out, I do apologize! I thank you, one and all, for coming and volunteering your time to make the festival a great success! I also want to thank all the good people who come to the shows. Without you, we would have nothing, so a great big thanks to you! I want to thank all the bands who have performed for you through the years. You have put Danby on the map! I would like to have you all back but there aren’t enough days or time slots in the week. I do thank you for all you have given!


Well folks, I’ve bent your ear enough for now. I just want to tell you all, you’ve made Danby a bona fide festival; without you we have nothing. Now I suppose I’ll have to settle down and get busy, and get some talent lined up for next year. Remember when Beartracks sings “Family Tradition” next year, just change the words a little and sing along with them, “IT’S A DANBY TRADITION”!! See you down the trail…


TJ, the Danby Guy