Just My Thoughts


HOWDY! Wow, where is all the time going? It’s July already! I’ve been doing a little traveling this year. I started with the ABL Roundup at McConchie’s Heritage Acres in Galway, NY.  Then I took in the Tug Hill Bluegrass festival in Lowville, NY on Father’s Day weekend; really NICE, great venue, the people are nice, a good variety of music, so all went well there. Next was Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival in Tunbridge, VT.  My God, Candi Sawyer, how do you do it? Just awesome, my friend. Great lineup and happy campers in my bunch. The Basin Bluegrass festival in Brandon, VT follows Jenny Brook festival. Always a fun time there, so many great people, and you do a hell of a job, Linda Berry.

Well, after Brandon my work really starts because Danby follows two weeks later. Things get really busy for the old guy. I’ve got to say first off that there’s a small change to our flyer – Just Passin’ Thru won’t be here on Saturday but will open on Friday morning at 10am instead. Borderline will open the show for us on Saturday at 10am. I think we have a great lineup for you this year and I know we will have some fun! When you’re hungry and need a bite to eat, check out our Cookshack menu; tasty food at reasonable prices served up by our hardworking friendly staff! Can’t wait to eat their famous Danby french fries!

I acknowledge every year about our beloved friends that can’t be with us and, as I get older, it seems like more of them are not here. So, we’ll have our memories of them and, as always, we’ll remember our veterans who made it possible for us all to enjoy our freedom. Our flag will be flying proudly over the Danby stage.

I wish you all safe travels and hope you’ll have a wonderful time here at Danby! Festivals are a great place to reunite with old friends, make new friends, and spend quality time with family. So, enjoy every minute and make some great memories! Come by for a shake and howdy with the Danby Guy and get ready for our great stage shows.  Don’t forget – field pickin’ is strongly encouraged! I wonder what Beartracks will close with this year…

Happy trails my friends,

TJ, the Danby Guy!


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