remington ryde

REMINGTON RYDE has been together for 12 years and has been performing over 100 shows each year all throughout the US and Canada. The band’s distinct sound and old-time flair can be attributed to the bluegrass-rich area of Pennsylvania from which they hail and borrow their name.

Ryan Frankhouser is founding member and leader of Remington Ryde. He started the band at the age of 18 in his hometown of McClure, Pennsylvania. He has a passion for bluegrass music and devotes so much time of his life to the band and the music. Ryan has written a lot of the original songs that the band has recorded over the years including ‘Grandpa was my guide’, ‘You’ll miss me “One more day” The Bible Grandma gave me” and many more. In 2007, at the age of 22, Ryan took a leap of faith by starting the Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival. The festival has become one of the fastest growing bluegrass festivals in the country! For more info:…

 Billy Lee Cox started playing the banjo at age 11. He would go with his family to country dances that his Uncle “Sock” would play the banjo for. He was hooked on the banjo. When Uncle “Sock” gave Billy his old banjo and said: “if you learn how to play this I’ll give it to you”, that was all it took. In 1976 Billy started the Mason Dixon Grass and fronted that band for over 25 years with Francis Elliott. Billy has had the privilege of playing in several bands, in 4 different countries, and many of the Eastern states of the USA.

Starting out on banjo at age 14, Jim Treat began his musical journey as bassist for the popular Central NY state band The Delaney Brothers, which lasted 13 years. Since then, he has been seen on stage with several acts such as Dick Smith & Mike O’Reilly Band, Straight Drive, Eager, Hampton & McGill Band, Atkinson Family Band and Scott Eager & High Lonesome Sound. His highlights include Carnegie Hall and Bill Monroe performances.

Stanley Efaw plays mandolin and does all the tenor singing in the band. He has been playing bluegrass music for many years and is truly one of the premier musicians in all of bluegrass today. He has played with many bands but has been touring with Larry Efaw & The Bluegrass Mountaineers for the last several years.

Remington Ryde is the worthy recipient of several SPBGMA nominations, including: 2016 Vocal Group of the Year and Promoter of the Year, 2017 Entertainers of the Year and Promoter of the Year, and 2018 Entertainers of the Year, Overall Bluegrass Band of the Year, Banjo Player of the Year, and Promoter of the Year.

The group just released their 6th studio album entitled “LIVE at the Bluegrass Ramble”, featuring a one-hour show from Bill Knowlton’s 41st Bluegrass Ramble Picnic at Dyer Memorial Park in Little York, NY.

Click here to see their video medley!

Check out their website at and find them on Facebook at


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