JUST PASSIN’ THRU is the host band for the Danby festival. This band was formed in 2012 and comes to us from NY and VT. Just Passin’ Thru chose its name in tribute to the bass player’s father, Bob “Goat” Brill, who lived by that saying and all it stood for.

Brenda Brill Vitek plays bass and sings harmony vocals. After a long hiatus spent raising her children, she returned to her music roots and got serious about playing bass in early 2012. She takes care of the band’s “behind the scenes” work, maintains their website and social media, and makes sure the guys look sharp on stage. Brenda also handles Social Media for the Danby festival.

Tary Jesmonth plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals for the group. He played and sang in bars and honkytonks, in his early twenties, doing the old country music he loved. Tary does the band’s emcee work with his “energizer bunny” enthusiasm and good humor. Fondly known as “The Danby Guy”, Tary is the promoter of the Danby festival and Vice-president of the festival sponsor, Green Mountain Climbers.

Jim Bevins is the band’s “mandolinist extraordinaire” and sings vocal leads. He’s been playing mandolin for over 40 years; he also plays guitar. Jim’s father, Clarence “Dusty” Bevins, taught him to play chords on the mandolin when he was about 8 years old. Jim got serious about playing during his teens, when he started going to festivals with his family. He joined the family band, The Chilson Hill Gang at that time. Jim plays and proudly endorses RAG Mandolins, built by Roy A. Gordon, Sr.

Rocky Richardson and Mac Petrequin joined the group in early 2018; both are talented multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. Rocky plays a Tut Taylor dobro, in the Tut Taylor picking style. The combination of his unique style, affection and dedication of dobro playing, Rocky brings a great sound to the band. Mac began playing banjo in 1976, learning the Scruggs and Keith styles from records, Earl’s book, and anything in print. Mac is an accomplished veteran of the stage, having played with several bands over the years. He plays his Nechville Nuvo banjo with skill and poise.

Click here to watch the band perform “Back to the Barrooms”!

Check out Just Passin’ Thru’s website at http://justpassinthruband.com/ and find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/justpassinthruband/.


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