Thank You From the Danby Guy!

thank you - confetti

Well, what can I say – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

That’s how I feel; just plain thank you folks for making Danby a great success again. We just couldn’t do it without you. Mother nature didn’t dampen our spirits too bad, a little soggy on Friday, but Saturday was a great day. We did well, and it looked to me that all had a good time.

I want to thank our help for all they do. I think the Cookshack is the toughest job; they are very busy, and it is hot in there. So, Tonya and your staff, congrats for another great season, and thank you for all you do for the club and the festival. There are a lot of people working in the Cookshack, doing their shifts, all are a big part of it and I’m thankful for each one of you. I must say Tonya’s hubby, Mike, is really getting to like this bluegrass stuff. He worked his butt off. Many thanks, Mike, for all you do getting the Cookshack ready; much appreciated.

Well now, Mike has a brother and his name is Dave. He has his hands full with the laying out of the field, and it’s not too level. When the campers come, he does a great job of getting them all in. So big thanks to you, Dave. Cher is Dave’s wife, and she and her crew are in charge of the ticket booth. She is very busy when it starts, and she puts in some long hours, so thanks, Cher, for all you do.

The 50/50 gals, Jill and Amanda, really break their you know what and it shows with the prizes they collect. They are friendly; they even get the Danby Guy to contribute and he is cheap!! So, thanks to them for what they do.

I want to thank Walt, Jim, Adam, Logan, and all the guys who park the cars, keep an eye on the festival, and help everyone when it’s needed. Thanks guys. I want to thank Gibby Mack for all he contributes and for the use of his truck. Thanks to Richy for the use of the water tank and to Gibby Mack and Tyler Pearce for making water deliveries. Thank you to Dick and Lance Kendall for all you do. When you guys are on the clean-up detail that’s why the grounds are so clean.

Thanks to my son, Jon Jesmonth, and his crew at Accura Printing, for a great job printing our festival flyer and booklets. Thank you to the many local businesses who support our festival by purchasing ads in our booklet. Please consider showing your patronage and support to these businesses who are a big part of keeping our festival going.  You can find a listing of our supporters on our website at  There are so many people who contribute to our festival; if I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry and don’t mean to.

Well, if you were at the festival you saw a green Gator shuttling people back and forth, non-stop from early morning to the wee hours, with no complaints from him. Yep, it is handsome Bill Vitek, my main shuttle man. Thanks Bill for all you do. When you’re there, not too many walk!

If you watch and check out our website and Facebook page you’ve seen the band write-ups, the great band videos, all the posts and clips of the festival. A great big thank you to our Social Media person who volunteers her time and spends a lot of hours making this festival great. BIG THANK YOU, BRENDA VITEK, for all you do.

I want to thank my wife, Cathy, for putting up with me; I can get cranky at times. I want to do the best I can for all of you and sometimes I get a little frustrated. I want to make all happy, so bear with me. I love you all!!

Now, we wouldn’t be having this festival if it wasn’t for Pete and Mary Powers who donate their land for us to use. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to Ron and Rose McClure for allowing us to use their property behind the stage.

I want to thank all the bands that played this year. We had a great lineup and I did have a lot of compliments on it, so you sure did your part. I want to thank Angelia for singing the National Anthems and for singing on stage during the supper breaks; you did a great job and your audience enjoyed your performances. Thank you to Green Mountain Sound for the great sound; thanks Pete and Cora. Thank you to my right-hand man, my EMCEE, Don Sprague. Thanks, Don, for another great job and keeping it all on time. Not an easy thing to do but, by God, I think you’ve got a handle on it; you run a tight ship.

And finally, a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who purchased tickets and came to share the festival with us; it wouldn’t be a festival without YOU! We hope you had a wonderful time and made some great memories in beautiful Powers’ Field! And we hope you’ll come back again and help us make the 2019 festival a great one!

SAVE THE DATE: 13th Annual Danby Olde Country & Bluegrass Festival July 25 – July 27, 2019

Now, my friends, we start all over again. All I can tell you is Beartracks will come back and close for us next year on Saturday night; after all, it is A DANBY TRADITION. The Danby Guy will get lost for a few days, but there are still a few great festivals left, so get out there and enjoy them. The winter is getting longer these days and summer is short.

So, until next time, HAPPY TRAILS MY FRIENDS!

The Danby Guy





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