Red Barn Hayloft (2)

RED BARN HAYLOFT is a 5-piece bluegrass band that comes to us from Brookfield, VT.

The band formed in the fall of 2015 in the upstairs of an old dairy barn in East Brookfield, VT. After the cows had been sold, the barn was used as a dance hall called The Silverdome.

The band produces a brand of bluegrass that is both traditional and contemporary. Their repertoire is diverse and filled with bluegrass classics, fiddle tunes, ballads, and a few gospel numbers.

They perform throughout Vermont and they’re the house band at Brocklebank Brewery in Tunbridge, VT. We’re very excited to welcome them to the Danby stage!

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The Last Whipoorwill

THE LAST WHIPPOORWILL band hails from New Jersey and chose its name as a spin-off from the title of Bill Monroe’s “The First Whippoorwill”.

Twenty years ago, five guys got together to form a Thursday Night Club for something close to their hearts – to play the old tunes, the classic and traditional bluegrass music of Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and the Stanley Brothers. They’ve discovered that many folks truly appreciate the old tunes, and for many young listeners, the classic sound is a whole new experience.

The Whippoorwills have entertained traditional bluegrass music lovers and others all around the tri-state area. Their tagline is “Traditional bluegrass music…the way God and Monroe intended”!

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redwood hill

REDWOOD HILL is a group of veteran pickers playing bluegrass music from the Country Gentlemen songbook. They come to us from NY, CT, MA, and NH. This group of friends have banded together to pay tribute to bluegrass music’s legendary Country Gentlemen, a group highly acclaimed as one of the most important progressive bluegrass bands for their unique blend of folk and bluegrass.

Keith Edwards has an extensive background in bluegrass music, playing in several groups including The Feinberg Brothers, Straight Drive, and Zink & Co. As a big fan of Charlie Waller, lead singer/guitarist for the Country Gentlemen, Keith plays guitar with Redwood Hill.

Called “simply the best bluegrass bass fiddle player in New England” by the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association, Lillian Fraker is well known in New England bluegrass circles. She has played in several bands including The Bear Bridge Band, The Old Time Bluegrass Singers, Girl Howdy, and Tex’s Troubadours.

Dave “Tex” Orlomoski, on mandolin, is a multi-instrumentalist and currently a member of the Seth Sawyer Band. He is the founder of Tex’s Troubadours, and one-half of the Bear Minimum duo. Previous bands include The Bear Bridge Band, Shady Creek & Grass Routes.

Dave Shaw, on banjo, has a lifetime of experience in country and bluegrass music. He’s a founding member of the Bear Bridge Band, and he currently plays in the Seth Sawyer Band, Newfound Grass, and he teams up with Dave “Tex” Orlomoski in Bear Minimum.

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BORDERLINE comes to us from Massachusetts. They’re a 3-piece band with Tom Hammond on lead vocal, guitar, and dobro; Gloria Zink on bass guitar and lead/harmony vocals; and Punky Zink on banjo, vocal, and harmony vocals. During Tom’s absence, because of recent surgery, Gloria and Punky’s daughter, Candy Sweener, is filling in on guitar and lead/harmony vocals.

Gloria and Candy do a superb job of performing mother/daughter harmonies, often joined by Punky in their unique 3-part arrangements.

Punky started playing piano at the age of 5. He always loved the bluegrass 5-string banjo and started playing it in the 1980s. Gloria has been singing and playing guitar since she was in her teens. Candy started on the violin while in high school and switched to guitar and vocals in her early teens.

Gloria, Candy, Punky, and Corey Zink founded the Cannonball Express Band in 1996. They performed for about 6 years in countless night spots, special parties and bluegrass festivals with their unique 2-band arrangement: Cannonball Country and Cannonball Bluegrass.

Gloria and Punky have performed in several bands throughout the years. They currently perform with Corey Zink & County Line and with Borderline. This group knows country and is always a crowd favorite!

Gloria and Punky have 17 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Candy has retired to married life, has 2 children, and a career in the Berlin, NY school system

Click here to listen to the band perform, “Mama’s Hand”!




COREY ZINK & COUNTY LINE comes to us from Massachusetts. The band consists of 7 talented musicians with more than 150 years of combined recording and performance experience.

The band was started 20 years ago, in March 1998. Father and son team of Ron and Corey Zink, along with Corey’s Aunt Gloria, Uncle Jerry Zink, Pete Adams, Dave Lincoln and Doug Beaumier have all performed on stages of numerous festivals and public events both locally and all along the east coast and in Canada.

The band’s father-son duo, and the combined family harmonies, make this band one of a kind. County Line can be counted on for their unique and dynamic renditions of some of your old favorite waltzes, country 2-steps, swing tunes and ballads. They will entertain you, give you great music, take you back in time, and treat you like family.

This band likely knows every country song ever written – and they sure know how to play & sing ‘em!

They will do a 3-hour show for us on Thursday night, July 26th, from 7pm – 10pm. Don’t miss it!

Click here to listen to the band perform “White Lightning”!

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the atkinson family

THE ATKINSON FAMILY band comes to us from the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in NY and is back on the Danby stage by popular request! Dick & Shelene Atkinson lead the family band. Both sing & play and are accomplished song writers – Dick on banjo and Shelene on guitar. They compose a lot of the songs they perform, which tell the stories of their lives in the northern mountains of the Adirondacks.

Dick began an interest in acoustic bluegrass music at a young age. His father introduced him to bluegrass on the record player with the sounds of Flatt and Scruggs, Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, and traditional country music with the songs of Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams Sr, Ernie Tubb, and Roy Acuff to name a few. Dick plays banjo for the group and on some numbers, he plays guitar. He records and produces the bands projects in the studio.

Shelene plays rhythm guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals for the group. She started playing guitar and singing after her children were grown. Shelene does the graphic work on the band’s projects and she designs & develops their web page. She loves performing and visiting with the folks at shows; stop and say hello and visit with her!

Daughter Liza is one of the original members of the family band. She plays mandolin and strong rhythm guitar and she provides strong vocals to the group. She sings any harmony you want to throw at her! It’s said that Liza can peel paint off the wall with her vocal power!

Daughter Sara is the youngest of the Atkinson family clan. She plays bass and is joining her sister and mother, singing some lead and harmony vocals, to make a unique 3-part female vocal sound.

Dave Bevins rounds out the group on dobro. He’s an accomplished player with an impressive musical resume. He’s the 2003 National Champion on Resonator Guitar. He’s a local favorite who’s performed with some of the best musicians in Nashville, including Dan Tyminski, John Cowan, and the Country Gentleman to name a few.

Click here to see their video, “Raise Hell”!

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BEARTRACKS comes to us from upstate NY and is a crowd favorite back by popular request! The band began as a family trio in 2004 with siblings Tom and Julie and their cousin, legendary dobro player Junior Barber.

Tom plays rhythm guitar and splits the lead and harmony vocals with his sister, Julie. Tom grew up listening to traditional roots country and bluegrass. His most important musical influences were his mother and father. Some of his earliest memories of music were of them practicing with their band, Clem Hawkins and the Wagoneers. Tom was inducted into the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999 while playing with a band called The Upstate New Yorkers. According to Tom, the most important things in life are family, music, laughter and food…not necessarily in that order if he is really hungry!

Julie plays bass and splits the lead and harmony vocals with her brother, Tom. Her fondest memories are from the times spent around her grandfather’s table listening to the grown ups talking about old times, laughing and playing music with her family. This is where her passion for music developed. Julie began singing with her family’s band at 5 years old and she began playing the bass guitar at the age of 12. Julie’s love of performing shines through at every show. Wherever she travels, she can be found in shoe stores looking for that special pair of high-heeled boots!

The trio played bluegrass festivals and gained a solid fan base all across the Eastern US and Canada. When illness forced Barber to retire in June 2013, Tom and Julie searched for a musician that would fit the group well, both on a personal and professional level.

In July 2013, right here at the Danby festival, Tom & Julie found an extraordinary fiddler, Danby’s own Harry Ralph. Harry has been a permanent member of Beartracks ever since. Harry started playing fiddle at the age of 4. He’s competed in many local and national fiddle competitions, receiving top awards and recognition. He’s had the honor of playing beside B.B. King and has played in the opening act for The Charlie Daniel’s Band and Lonestar. Harry also plays the guitar, bass, and mandolin.

Dr. Steve Light joined the band on banjo & dobro in Sept 2016. Steve is a two-time Vermont state banjo champion. He’s played in various bands in the Northeast region since the 1970s. During the day, in his “real job”, Steve is a sociology professor at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. He’s been known to drive long distances to find coffee!

With their smooth family harmony, solid instrumentation, and entertaining sibling banter, Beartracks is traditional country & bluegrass at its best!

Click here to see their video, “The Old Man”!

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